Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just creating a will. It can include maintaining proper insurance, funding a child’s education, setting up gift giving guidelines, reducing eventual tax implications and more. Most importantly, it is the safeguard in place that lets you know your legacy will live on according to your wishes, while protecting your family and your assets.  We understand just how important this is. 

Our experts can help design a plan that will allow you to protect and preserve your assets for the people in your life who matter most. And the sooner you design and implement your estate plan, the sooner your money will begin to work for you. 

We can help by:

·         Guiding you through specific steps to create an estate plan

·         Documenting your list of accounts, assets, liabilities, and insurance

·         Working with you to select an executor or trustee

·         Setting up trusts for children, spouses or grandchildren



Estate Organizer


Handbook for Beneficiaries