Financial Planning

The financial planning process begins with uncovering and understanding your needs and goals. Before we “get down to numbers,” it is essential that we “get down to basics,” and learn who you are as an individual and as an investor. Most importantly, we want you to understand yourself in those regards.

To help you begin that process, we’ll ask you to consider the following questions.
·         What do I want to accomplish today? Ten years from now?
          Twenty years from now?
·         What are my interests and passions in life? My family’s?
·         What is the greatest hope for me? My family?
·         What are my financial goals for me? My family?
·         What are my financial concerns? My family’s?
·         Are there any foreseeable issues which could affect achieving my goals?
·         When do I plan to retire?
·         How do I ensure that my assets will be preserved for me—and my
          loved ones?
By considering these questions, you will develop the answers that, ultimately, will help us help you address the present and prepare for the future.