Adrienne has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, and has managed the assets of Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) since 1988. Serving not only as the group’s trusted financial advisor, Adrienne served as the Charter President of SI Center City Philadelphia in 1996, and is currently an active member of the organization.

A SHARED FOCUS Adrienne’s professional philosophy mirrors that of Soroptimist: Helping to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment
. Many of her clients are women, and as a woman herself, Adrienne has a special understanding of the unique challenges facing women as investors.

Among them:

  • Women, on average, live about 5 1/2 years longer than men.
  • Women aged 35 and older earn only about 75% as much as their male counterparts.
  • As women more often leave their careers to care for children or elderly parents, it is estimated that they will be away from the work force for 14 years, as compared to just under 2 years for men.As many as 9 out of 10 women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their life.
  • 47% of women over 50 are single.
  • 50% of marriages end in divorce. In the first year after a divorce, a woman’s standard of living drops 73%.
  • 80% of widows now living in poverty were not poor before the death of their husband.
  • Approximately 7 out of 10 women will, at some time, live in poverty.
  • 90% of women feel financially insecure, despite controlling more wealth, having more education and being more involved with financial decisions.

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Adrienne’s experience and expertise is in helping women chart a strong financial road map to preserve and grow their wealth, regardless of their situation. It is through financial strength and independence, that women can create and enjoy the life they choose.




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