You have done an excellent job in working with Soroptimist International of the Americas and advising our staff and board of directors.

Your communication to all of us has always been exceptional. You keep us informed and up to date on all aspects of our investments. Working with you over the years has truly been a pleasure and always an educational experience!

          - Alice Wells

               Soroptimist International - President 2011-2013

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - President 2008-2009

 "Last year I asked Adrienne Horen to review my financial portfolio. I wanted her opinion on whether I was doing the right things, or if there were other investment alternatives I should consider to enhance my future financial security. Adrienne carefully looked at my various investment and savings accounts and called me. She said she had both good news and bad news. I asked for the good news first. Adrienne told me that my portfolio was in excellent financial shape, and that I was well positioned for a very secure retirement. I asked her “So, what’s the bad news?” “The bad news,” she said, “is that you really don’t need my help right now. You’re doing fine all by yourself.”

"When it comes to money, it’s important to work with people we can trust. Adrienne didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need. She told me her truthful opinion. And because of her honesty and candor in reviewing my portfolio, I can trust that she’ll be an excellent and trustworthy resource for me in the future, when I do need extra financial planning advice to make sure I don’t outlive my money. When that day comes, Adrienne will definitely be the first person I’ll call."

          - Cathy Standiford

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - President 2009-2010

I have worked with Adrienne over a period of several years, consulting her and using her recommendations for investments of funds I have available. Adrienne has always listened very carefully to my goals and objectives. If I have expressed concern about a particular investment or category of investment, she has been very responsive. Her recommendations for investments have been excellent and farsighted.

"Recently, we have been discussing retirement. Adrienne pro-actively offered to do some analysis of our situation. Her firm has done significant analysis for us and has offered guidance and recommendations that were very valuable. The information provided by Adrienne has allowed us to proceed with our plans with confidence."

"Adrienne is personable, focused on my objectives and demonstrates genuine concern for my well being. Her commitment to serving her clients well comes through in every conversation we have. I highly recommend Adrienne as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor."

          - Connie Baehr

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - Fund Development Council Chair 2002-2006

Janney Montgomery Scott has managed the investment funds for Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) for many years and has done an excellent job especially in these recent economic times. I became aware of this firm and met Adrienne who is our consultant with Janney when I served as a Director on the Board of Soroptimist International of the Americas. I was able to see firsthand how the SIA funds were managed when she presented the financial reports to the board each spring. She inspires confidence and integrity in Janney as a financial management company for the millions of dollars they invest and manage for SIA.

"It is through my Soroptimist membership that I met and became friends with Adrienne. I have been impressed with the great job she had done with the investments for SIA and when I was looking for a financial advisor for investment and retirement planning, I naturally went to Adrienne, especially as other Soroptimists I knew who are her clients were pleased with the work she had done for them. In addition, I was pleased that she has an emphasis on working with women interested in financial planning. She is very easy to work with and is very prompt in responding to questions whether it is through email or telephone. I have been pleased with the advice and the results of my investments with Adrienne and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a financial consultant or planner."

          - Fannie Louie

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - Board Member 2006-2008

Choosing a financial advisor carefully is important whether it’s for your own financial health, or for fulfilling a fiduciary responsibility for an organization.

I first met Adrienne Horen, Vice President/Investments for Janney Montgomery Scott, nearly a decade ago and a few years later was most fortunate to work directly with her as she managed the funds of Soroptimist  International of the Americas. She is passionate about what she does and takes time to understand the client’s needs, what the proper portfolio is, and kept me current on our investments and what is happening in the market. Adrienne is confident in her knowledge, attentive, and genuine in looking out for our welfare and what is right for us. Most important is her integrity and the trust she creates.

Because of her dedication and efforts, results over the years have been solid and successful in both good and difficult economic times, not only meeting but often exceeding expectations.

          -Victoria Hobbs

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - President 2004-2005

Adrienne Horen has combined her knowledge of the market, integrity and passion for our mission. She is a true professional and a leader in the field.

          - Rosemarie Burton

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - Fund Development Council Chair 2006-2010

Adrienne goes above and beyond in the service she provides to her clients. She is the first investment advisor who has called me and said “I was just reviewing your portfolio and was thinking that maybe we should…” and “I just wanted to touch base with you about what’s happening on Wall Street today and how it affects you.”

I feel secure in knowing that my investments are with Adrienne. She takes the time to review my accounts and keeps in touch with me. What more could I ask for?

          - Susan Held

               Soroptimist International of the Americas - Secretary/Treasurer 2002-2003

               Board Member 2001-2003

These are of the express opinions of some of our clients. Your results and experiences may differ based on your particular situation. Past performance is not indicative of future results.